DN Company Veneer chairs
DN Company

Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Canada...Those are just some of the worldwide countries that import products produce in two manufacturing plants of DN Company from Vladicin Han, Serbia. In figures it looks like this:

- 90% of total production is intended for the foreign market.

- Annual production reaches between 70 and 80 thousands of chairs and other veneer products.

The factory has begun to operate in 2005 when five workers produced several thousand chairs, mainly for Serbian market. The quality of products and lack of veener furniture manufacturers placed DN Company as leader of veneer furniture manufacturer.

In late of 2007 we have began with the first export. It was a big turning point for the business of DN Company.

DN Company

Later, the company management decided to launch a line for the veneer manufacture. In this way we provided the raw material base for the continuous production of furniture. The excess of produced veneer is exported and the DN Company enterprise now stands as the only Serbian manufacturer of peeled beech veneer.

Our furniture is characterized by simplicity, convenience and high functionality. Our main production are veneer chairs for schools, kindergartens, and chairs for restaurants and hotels.

About 90% of production from our plants goes into export. The DN Company's chairs find a place in kindergartens, schools and restaurants in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, as well as the USA, Canada and South Korea.

DN Company

Growth and progress of the company has proceeded slowly and methodically, always funded from own sources. Thus, we have created a modern and successful company, whose products are recognized in all meridians.

Our company has two plants, one for venner manufacture and the other for veneer furniture production.

The current business plans are expanding and improve production capacity as well as reaching a new markets.